December 5, 2014

Holiday Decor: Ideas and Tips (2014)

The holiday season is in full swing! And the food, fun, laughter, generosity, and love it brings help to make this time both exciting and special. Holiday decorations are part of this. They often put a smile on our faces and warmth in our homes. While I'm no expert and tend to go for a more traditional feel when it comes to Christmas decor, I thought it would be fun to share some of my ideas and tips on decorating for the holidays.

First up, the Christmas tree! Filled with ornaments that not only symbolize our personal style, but that may also represent family, memories and traditions, the Christmas tree is often the foundation of a home's holiday decor.

Our tree "theme" is gold with shades of berry. I chose the warmer white lights. I love how timeless they are. I prefer the pop of color from the angel topper, but a topper with white (clear) lights would also be beautiful with this combo.

You don't have to sacrifice elegance if you don't have a lot of space to work with. Sometimes large, extravagant displays just aren't practical. And there's something pretty great about the charm and coziness of a small space decorated for the holidays.

If you like the look of ribbon spiraling down the tree, leave your strips of ribbon rolled up all year (every year) while they're packed away. When you unroll them, you should get a perfect spiral. You can loosen it a bit or leave it as is. Just be sure you cut the ribbon strips to your desired length first.

If you don't have a fireplace mantel or other convenient areas to hang stockings, a good alternative is a stocking holder stand. I found ours at Kirkland's a few years back. This particular model is no longer available, but you should be able to find others at Kirkland's or by doing a Google search of them.

Personalization can be steep, especially when personalizing more than one item. To reserve each stocking, you can hang the first letter of each family member's name with his or her stocking (use other initials or stocking charms if any of the first names begin with the same letter). These can be found at craft stores or in the craft section of many large variety stores. Your stockings will look great for less!

It's all in the small, simple details! That's my motto when it comes to decorating for the holidays. Again, more elaborate displays can be great, if that's what works in your home. If not, simple pieces are plenty capable of generating that "Christmas feeling" throughout your home.

Ultimately, your Christmas decor should fit your style, your home, and your family. Holiday decorating can be fun, exciting, and meaningful. It also doesn't have to cost you a small fortune or major space in your home.

This holiday season will be over before we know it. Cherish it, if you can. Every moment. Make it your own. Do what makes you happy, but try giving to those less fortunate if you're able and willing to. And whether it's decorating, gift wrapping, or simply reminiscing and rejoicing with family and friends, be grateful to have this time and the good memories that come from it.

Wishing you time to enjoy the simple pleasures of this holiday season!


Disclaimer: This is not a sponsored post.