September 30, 2015

Fall Nail Color Idea: Taupe ("10 Professional" Nail Lacquer in #459 Showtime)

It was time to rediscover some of my darker nail favorites from my collection for fall. And when I spotted this steely taupe, I had the "aha moment" I was looking for. THIS was definitely going to be my first nail color stop of the season! I thought it would be a good transition color, coming out of summer. I tend to get into the deeper reds later in the season. There's no rule book, though! Wear what makes you happy and what you're comfortable with.

I won't lie. This particular color may be difficult to find (and this brand in general). I discovered this polish a while back during a casual shopping trip at a nearby CVS. I haven't been able to find where else the brand is or may be sold. I was hesitant to even feature it because of this; however, its quality for the price is just too good. I had to take the chance! If you have a CVS near you, I'm hoping you'll find it there! *I did check the website for the brand's distributor (MBA Beauty, Inc.) and they do still have "10 Professional" listed with their brands that are available nationwide.

At less than $5, this USA-made and formaldehyde-free formula is super easy to work with, leaving just the right amount of coverage after a few coats. It's glossy and fairly long-lasting for a standard polish. It's also strengthening and leaves a smooth surface (buffing beforehand and using a good top coat also helps).

Color: Showtime

I am on the hunt for a dupe. One that's easier to find! I also have nail wraps from Jamberry with some great fall colors that I'm hoping to feature soon.

Happy Autumn! Let me know what you're loving on your nails this fall!


Disclaimer: This is not a sponsored post.