November 23, 2015

Floral Inspiration for the Holidays (and More!)

Courtesy of BloomNation (Paradise Valley Florist)

With Thanksgiving this week here in the States, and the holidays fast approaching, you may be looking for some decor inspiration for your home. Floral arrangements offer an elegant (but simple) way to spruce up a room any time of year!

Courtesy of BloomNation (Fleur*t)

I like to display flowers throughout rooms we spend the most time in. For us, it's the kitchen and living/family room. I also occasionally keep fresh flowers on the nightstand next to my bed for an extra mood boost in the mornings. They really brighten things up!

Courtesy of BloomNation (Jacob Maarse Florists)

Courtesy of BloomNation (Jacob Maarse Florists)

Festive floral arrangements make a great eye-catching addition to table decor and can serve as the centerpieces for your holiday gatherings!

The pictured arrangements are ones I would display in my home. These types of floral arrangements also make great gifts if you're unsure of the giftee's style or preference since they're somewhat neutral and simple (but beautiful!) and will likely fit with almost any decor.

Today, we're able to discover inspiration and place orders on the things we love in an instant thanks to the Internet. The floral industry is no exception to this. But sometimes finding exactly what we're looking for is easier said than done. And for many of us, wasting time and money is certainly a concern. Thankfully, for flower enthusiasts, BloomNation is leading the way in how we discover and buy flowers online. They provide a reliable and vast marketplace that can be used to feature, explore, and send traditional or unique floral arrangements handcrafted by local florists throughout the country. You're sure to find the perfect fit for your home, special occasion, or gift to the flower lover in your life!

Learn more at, where you can also subscribe using your email address. And be sure to follow them on Instagram (@bloomnation), Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest for even more inspiration! I'm loving their Pinterest boards - so many great ideas!

*If the site states that there are currently no participating florists in your area, let your local flower shop owners know that BloomNation may benefit both their business and customers - and, if interested, they can sign up (or find more info) on BloomNation's site. This is an opportunity to support local and small floral businesses and help them grow! (No pun intended.)

Flowers add color and beauty while also helping you create a space that reflects your personality, style, and home's uniqueness. And no matter the size of the room, home, or budget, there's something for everyone.


Disclaimer: This is not a sponsored post.